AWARDEES Author Name Paper Title Journal with Publication Details
1 Shivani Ranu Gadi Oxidative potential of ambientine particulate matter for ranking of emission sources: an insight for emissions reductions Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 14,1149–1153,2021
2 Ritu Chaudhari
Chhaya R. Kant
Alka Garg
Bismuth tri-iodide-polystyrene composite for X-rays switching applications at room temperature Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 186, 109538, 2021
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Chhaya Ravi Kant
One-pot wet chemical synthesis of reduced graphene oxide-zinc oxide nanocomposites for fast and selective ammonia sensing at room temperature Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 331, 112965, 2021
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6 Punam Kumari
Seeja K.R.
A novel periocular biometrics solution for authentication during Covid- 19 pandemic situation Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 12, 10321–10337, 2021
7 Punam Kumari
Seeja K.R.
An optimal feature enriched region of interest (ROI) extraction for periocular biometric system Multimedia Tools and Applications 80, 33573–33591, 2021
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M. Ravinder
Nitin Sharma
Kanchan Sharma
An optimal remote sensing image enhancement with weak detail preservation in wavelet domain Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 13, 1941–1952, 2021 Author Name Paper Title Journal with Publication Details
9 Garima Jaiswal
Arun Sharma
Sumit K. Yadav
Critical insights into modern hyperspectral image applications through deep learning WIRES Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 11, 2021
10 Bhawna Narwal
Amar K. Mohapatra
A survey on security and authentication in wireless body area networks Journal of System Architecture, 113, 101883, 2021
11 Bhawna Narwal
Amar K. Mohapatra
SAMAKA: secure and anonymous mutual authentication and key agreement scheme for wireless body area networks Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 46, 9197–9219, 2021
12 Saumya Bansal
Niyati Baliyan
Shill Detector: a binary grey wolf optimization technique for detection of shilling profiles Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 2021
13 Kritika Verma
Niyati Baliyan
Grey wolf optimization with fuzzy logic for energy-efficient communication in wireless sensor network-based Internet of Things scenario International Journal of Communication Systems, 34, 2021
14 Shivi Garg
Niyati Baliyan
Android security assessment: A review, taxonomy and research gap study Computers & Security, 100, 102087, 2021
15 Shivi Garg
Niyati Baliyan
Comparative analysis of Android and iOS from security viewpoint Computer Science Review 40, 100372, 2021
16 Shivi Garg
Niyati Baliyan
M2VMapper: Malware-to-Vulnerability mapping for Android using text processing Expert Systems with Applications 191, 116360, 2021 Author Name Paper Title Journal with Publication Details
17 Parnika Kansal
Ashwni Kumar
An Efficient Composite Two-Tier Threshold Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique for 5G Systems Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 47, 2865–2879, 2021
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Jasdeep K. Dhanoa
Two-port hexagon shaped MIMO microstrip antenna for UWB applications integrated with double stop bands for WiMax and WLAN International Journal of Electronics and Communications-AEU,138, 153885, 2021
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Rashmi Gupta
Nidhi Goel
A fast and effective vision enhancement method for single foggy image Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 24, 1478-1489, 2021
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Pankaj Gupta
Vandana Niranjan
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Ashwni Kumar
Richa Yadav
Manjeet Kumar
A novel approach to design optimal 2-D digital differentiator using vortex search optimization algorithm Multimedia Tools and Applications, 80, 5901–5916 2021
24 Pragya Srivastava
Richa Yadav
Richa Srivastava
Robust circuit implementation of 4-bit 4-tube CNFET based ALU at 16-nm technology node Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 109, 127–134, 2021 Author Name Paper Title Journal with Publication Details
25 Aasiya Parveen
Influence of process parameters and reinforcements on aluminium hybrid composite developed by powder metallurgy process Physics of Metals and Metallography ,122, 1007-1013, 2021
26 O.K. Singh Development of a solar cooking system suitable for indoor cooking and its Exergy and Enviroeconomic analysis Solar Energy, 217, 223-234, 2021 Author Name Paper Title Journal with Publication Details
1 Parnika Kansal
Ashwni Kumar
Optimized Extreme Learning Machine for Intelligent Spectrum Sensing in 5G systems Journal of the Communications Technology and Electronics, 66, 322-332, 2021